6 Great Movies That Make You Fall In Love with Emma Stone

GameCriticism: Everyone’s favorite actress, Emma Stone received her first ever Oscar nomination! She’s chosen in the Best Supporting Actress category for her edgier. In honor of Emma’s incredible year, we take a look back at the movies that made us love her more and more. Here is the list.

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Hamzaali1963d ago

Emma in Spider Man , aww my beauty lady

Hitman-Assassin1963d ago

The look in Zombieland Suits her more then Spider Man

Soldierone1963d ago

She is so sexy in Zombieland, not going to lie! :P

Really though, she looks good in every movie and can also act, which is something unheard of these days!

Porcelain_Chicken1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

If i had to choose between either look my head would explode. I think she looked flawless in both. Or anything really. Those eyes! :O,,,,,,,,,,

alihkathia1963d ago

She looks beautiful in each and very film Emma I love you

GoloBholoo1963d ago

I am already in love with Emma. no need to watch movie

Defectiv3_Detectiv31963d ago

Still don't understand how she got a nomination for Birdman, but yeah, she's ok. Reminds me of an ex.

WizzroSupreme1963d ago

If Mary Jane was the weak link in Raimi's Spider-man trilogy, then Gwen Stacy was the saving grace of Webb's lop-sided duology. Emma Stone makes everything better. Everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.