Marvel And Lucasfilm Deals Open Up A (Disney)Land Of Opportunity

WOW247: "It’s not unusual for Disney to have a lengthy roster of releases in the bag for the upcoming year, but 2015 sees the start of something huge – as the Marvel and Lucasfilm buyouts prove their worth."

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Soldierone2073d ago

I wasn't a hater of Disney buying them, but a few recent moves has angered me a little. Why the heck are they rebooting all the comics? Spider-Man was seriously just rebooted TWICE, now a third time? I knew I should have waited.

As for Disney Land, I'm not sure how it works, but there is something that keeps the Marvel rights for theme parks with Universal. Plus Disney has already been using Star Wars for their future area of the park. will be neat to see that expand though.

barbarapeva2073d ago

disney really are coming back with a bang