How Togetherness Is Quickly Becoming One of TV’s Best Comedies

TVOM: "HBO’s new comedy series Togetherness, created by brothers, Mark and Jay Duplass, and Steve Zissis, only aired its second episode last night, but it’s already proven to me that it has the potential to become not only one of TV’s best new shows but one of TV’s best comedies, period. While the premise (upper class white people having relationship problems in Los Angeles) may seem like nothing new, it’s in the execution where Togetherness really succeeds, quickly instilling all of its characters with a depth and realism that many long-running comedies haven’t been able to achieve. The series is a near-perfect balancing act between cringe-worthy humor and heartfelt exchanges, a blend of comedic antics and good, honest character work, and despite its many opportunities to be shrill or snarky, Togetherness is almost always sincere, constantly displaying its most appealing and effective attribute: its heart."

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