How Chuck’s Daniel Shaw and Arrow’s Ray Palmer Are Essentially the Same Character

TVOM: "Let’s play a game. I’m going to describe a character, and you’re going to tell me who it is and what show they’re on. No cheating by looking ahead. Or at the title of this article. Alright so, this character lost his wife, came into the show in the third season, got in the way of the main pairing of the show, and is generally disliked by the fandom. Oh, and he’s played by Brandon Routh. If you’re confused because you can’t think of just one character who fits this description, that’s because there isn’t just one; there’s two. Both Daniel Shaw from Chuck and Ray Palmer from Arrow fit this description. And I’m here to argue how they are not just played by the same actor, but are essentially the same character."

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WizzroSupreme1611d ago

I knew it. Shaw's back to take over the atom itself. Devious.