'The Interview' Lost Sony $30 Million, Says Theater Group

THR: Breaking its self-imposed silence, the National Association of Theater Owners contends that Sony will lose at least $30 million on The Interview. It also declares that the movie's day-and-date release in cinemas and on VOD changes nothing despite "starry-eyed" comments suggesting it marks a paradigm shift.

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Soldierone2072d ago

Honestly I've been saying this the whole time. For a movie that was hyped up and marketed like a theater release for a month, it should have done better. All these people saying it did well as VOD and it sets ground work for the future are dead wrong. It did better than most VOD, it didn't do well enough to replace theaters though.

YES it's a Seth Rogan movie so it wouldn't make that much money as is, but this had a lot more going for it.

ArtificiallyYours2072d ago

It didn't make Seth qualify as a person.

dota2champion2071d ago

I think the "Theater Group" is going to damage control because The Interview is more successful on digital than it's theater released

barbarapeva2071d ago

I agree, not sure it was ever going to make it's money back