Top 10 Upcoming Movies That Will Make Summer Cool

GamesMech: Here are the 10 upcoming movies that will make you feel cool in hot summer.

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DeviDavil2080d ago

My most awaited movie Fast and Furious 7

Stupid2080d ago

yea can't wait to see Bryan...

Anthotis2079d ago

Suicide is not the answer.

Hamzaali2080d ago

Entourage a friendly envoirment , comedy movie .. this gonna mustwatch lol

WizzroSupreme2079d ago

I'm just gonna kick back with a cool glass of lemonade and watch the Hulk and Hulkbuster battle it out.

TXIDarkAvenger2079d ago

Didn't know they were rebooting The Fantastic Four. Should I expect something done much better?

NCAzrael2079d ago

Given all the controversy around the casting for Johnny Storm, I'm surprised there is anyone who hasn't heard of this movie. It must be hard to get internet thanks to that rock you've been living under.

Casting a black guy in a white role while keeping his biological sister white aside, if the interview with the new Doctor Doom is to be believed, this movie is going to suck worse than the original films. Probably even worse than the unreleased film from '94.

TXIDarkAvenger2079d ago

Actually, now that I recall, this news blew over in less than a week long ago. And its not really something I could give a shit about. No need to be a dick.

NCAzrael2076d ago

Wasn't trying to be a dick. I was just making a joke about the fact that you managed to avoid any of the discussions about the casting and later about the plot revelations. Might have blown over in a week for the areas of the internet you visit, but it was talked about over and over again in the areas that I frequent.

Again, not trying to be a dick, so my apologies if I came across that way.

Spiewie 2079d ago

Might watch the trailer for Hitman but won't waste my time with the rest.

NCAzrael2079d ago

Not even the new Mad Max?

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