10 Actors Who Should Play Spider-Man In Avengers: Infinity War


It has become painfully obvious that Sony has absolutely no idea what to do with the Spider-Man franchise, regarded as their commercial crown jewel. Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel had their moments, but greatly suffered under pressure from heavy-handed studio interference. Since then, Sony has announced spinoffs for The Sinister Six, Venom and an unnamed female character, with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 not due until 2018, if it even happens at all.

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-Foxtrot2080d ago

We need someone older and rougher looking, it's way too late in my opinion to add Peter in his "high school" days so we may aswell put out a Spiderman who's been there for years.

Crazay2080d ago

Josh Hartnett for the win...or they way things seem to be going - Djimon Hounsou as Miles Morales ***facepalm***

Total joke here for those of you not intelligent enough to get sarcasm.

aDDicteD2080d ago

its going to be hard to recast a new spiderman again, i hope they can find a suitable actor, both garfield and maguire did an amazing job its just that the plot of spiderman 3 and the amazing spiderman 1 and 2 are not good enough and is overcrowded.

the perfect casting choice of spiderman, i think lies somewhere in between garfield and maguire, as garfield captures spiderman better when in the suit and maguire captures the peter parker persona a lot better compared to garfield.