X-Files Reboot In The Pipeline – But Will It Work?

WOW247: "Following on from the recent success of their 24 reboot, production company Fox is keen to bring another of its classic shows back to the small screen. Is this a good - or a very bad - idea?"

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-Foxtrot1619d ago


They need to dedicate this new series to finish off the Alien Invasion storyline.

This basically has to be what they were going to do in the third X Files film.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31619d ago

I'd be more interested in a miniseries than a fully fledged show. There are so many other shows nowadays that seem to borrow from the premise they originally created with the X-Files. Just give them a miniseries, lets not spoil this.

ajax171619d ago

I am so glad people are getting interested in the X-Files again!