World 1-1 Review by Retro Gaming Magazine

Retro Gaming Magazine's Carl Williams writes, "Gaming has been involved in general culture since they were first introduced to players. We have seen movies feature games in the background, sometimes in the spotlight of scenes, but few documentaries have been produced on our favorite hobby. Thanks to independent film makers, Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez, we can add World 1-1 to the extremely short list of documentaries that show the gaming industry from many angles. World 1-1 doesn’t pull punches and candy coat the early days of gaming at Atari- the main focus of this documentary. Many reading this are probably tired of hearing about Atari by now, considering there are many books and a plethora of Youtube videos about this iconic gaming company. World 1-1 takes a different approach, the story of Atari and the early days of gaming are told via the people that lived through it, in a no holds barred style of nostalgic fun."

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