American Sniper Has $30.5 Million Friday, Projected For $100 Million In First Four Days

CB: On the heels of a number of award nominations and wins in recent days, the Bradley Cooper vehicle American Sniper has generated more than $30 million already at the domestic box office en route to a $100 million holiday weekend.

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Soldierone1962d ago

Anyone that has seen this, what would you compare it to? I love war movies like SPR or Lone Survivor, even Fury. But is this more like Jarhead or Zero Dark Thirty? I found those boring, and it was those ones that won awards so I'm scared this is one of those.

gunnerforlife1961d ago

Tbh this movie looks like a typical American movie about a white man sniping brown people.

SnakeCQC1961d ago

You've got to love these movies that completely rewrite americas role in the M.E.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31961d ago

This movie looks like another Hurt Locker to me. A mostly average movie that is overhyped due to its patriotic subject matter. Of course with all of the tension brewing in the world a lot of flag waving Americans are flocking to see this, but the BO offerings are actually rather scant for this time of year.