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Enjoying Agent Carter? Check Out These Five Other Shows With Strong Female Leads

TVOM: "Since its premiere earlier this month, ABC’s new Marvel series Agent Carter has been getting a lot of deserved praise for giving audiences a well-written woman to follow on television, and Hayley Atwell’s performance as Peggy has only elevated the character. In its first two weeks on the air, Agent Carter has been an absolute delight, an action-packed period piece that allows for Atwell and the character of Peggy to be front and center, while the men of the series play the supporting roles. However, as great as Agent Carter is, it is (fortunately) not the only series on TV with a female protagonist, and once it finishes up its first (and hopefully not last) season in a few weeks, there are still plenty of shows to go to for great portrayals of very realistic women. So, if you’ve been enjoying Agent Carter so far, I recommend checking out tone one of these five series."

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Hergula1967d ago

The title is hilarious.

There are plenty of good shows with strong female leads, don't make it sound like there aren't.