Suicide Squad Movie Means Likely No Suicide Squad TV Show

CB: This year at Comic Con International: San Diego, Arrow actor David Ramsey told a group of reporters including that The CW was interested in trying out a Suicide Squad spinoff of Arrow.

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-Foxtrot2080d ago

Hasn't stopped them with the Flash with the film coming out in a few years.

04roacht2080d ago

I think Flash will be so different. It will be harder to differentiate an entire team whilst staying loyal to source material in both instances.

RetrospectRealm2080d ago

Except the Flash TV show came out already and the movie didn't. The Suicide Squad movie would come out before the TV show. The movie writers don't mind it, but the TV writers do.

Soldierone2079d ago

I don't think it's entirely true. If the movie does extra good, then maybe. If it's average, then it will more than likely speed up the TV show.