The Real Reason For Tom Hardy's Exit From 'Suicide Squad'


Superhero projects are big business, and big business is primarily about a product. When Warner Bros. announced David Ayer was going to direct Suicide Squad for the company's first non-Superman entry into their DC Comics Cinematic Universe, the studio knew it had to be competitive in an environment where big movie stars want in on the superhero game and cast the film accordingly.

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04roacht2075d ago

Who tells Latino Review anything I mean really?

RetrospectRealm2075d ago

Websites do not give out their sources or else their sources would be fired.

Crazay2075d ago

SOmetimes they hit and sometimes they miss. All they can report on is what they're told and for the love of all that is holy why would they want to disclose that information right? Then they'd never get any insider info.

04roacht2075d ago

Makes sense. But why would a source not go to Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter or Collider? Those sites are bigger than Latino Review. I guess LR pay their sources better.

Hergula2075d ago

You seem to use the "source" a tad bit loosely, as anybody can be a "source". Heck, my cousin could be a source for rumors, does that make the "source" credible? Heck no. I could write similar BS on my site and simply say "well, I have a source, and cannot say who it is", will you believe everything you read online? Come on now, sources need to be credible, otherwise it is just gossip, and it seems that this post is exactly that, gossip.

RetrospectRealm2075d ago

LR pays more and just have more connections? Deadline, THR, and Collider almost always post rumors that are basically confirmed anyways. LR posts any and every rumor they get just in case so they can let their readers know all they know so far.

Hergula2074d ago

I am biased I guess... I have no respect for rumors and gossip, but hey, that's me.

RetrospectRealm2074d ago

As far as we know it's as credible of a rumor as it isn't. So you can say whatever you wish, but with the things LR has uncovered in the past, I'm not as quick as you to call BS. Rumors get wrong all the time, still run to read 'em sometimes.

annoyedgamer2074d ago

Not sure, El Guapo was their star writer and when he was booted half their community left. I used to regularly request his return but was banned shortly since the mods were very easily "offended".

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WizzroSupreme2075d ago

Mostly because they found someone better, most likely. And because he already miffed his way through The Dark Knight Rises.

ironfist922075d ago

Rick Flag is not a villain...

this already raises a flag and puts doubt on the believably of this claim.

If anyone shouldve exited tho, shouldve been Will Smith.

Deadshot is WHITE. Thats that.

DillyDilly2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I'm waiting for the first black character to be turned white. Blade anybody ? Luke Cage ? Lots of choices. Or perhaps Steel ? They like changing white characters, Its only fair to change a black character or two