Gary Sinise to Star in CBS' 'Criminal Minds' Spinoff

The Emmy and Oscar winner has been tapped to topline CBS' Criminal Minds spinoff, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The spinoff is currently set as a pilot that will shoot in mid-February and air as a planted episode in the flagship series at a later date. It focuses on the division of the FBI that helps American citizens who find themselves in trouble abroad.

Sinise will star as Jack Garrett, a 20-year veteran of the bureau who is currently in charge of the FBI's top team for handling cases involving Americans abroad.

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer will pen the script and exec produce the ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios entry alongside Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper.

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alycakes2073d ago

They tried a spinoff before and it didn't make it but who knows maybe this one will...I don't really care if it does or doesn't as long as the original continues. It is by far the best original drama that is still holding it's own on tv and I still enjoy watching and seeing the same team member grow in their lives and as a group.