George Lucas Calls The Oscars Nothing But "A Political Campaign," Says 'Selma' Is A "Beautiful Film"

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"You can’t go to awards like the Oscars or the Grammys for validation. The validation is if your work still stands 25 years later," Spike Lee concluded in his response to "Selma" Oscar snubs. And he's not the only filmmaker speaking out about the nominations this year, which don't see one face of color in any of the acting categories. Stopping by "CBS This Morning" to talk about his upcoming animated film "Strange Magic," George Lucas — who is not a member of the Academy — was perhaps a little more cautious in his criticism but nonetheless barbed when asked on his thoughts around the controversy of the nominees this year.

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alycakes3055d ago

I loved what he said about his new movie Strange Magic and I also agreed with him on his statements about the Academy. I have always felt like that about the Oscars. I like the Peoples Choice Awards and The SAG Awards even the Emmy's are okay at times but the Oscars are so backwards with what they decide is good most of the time.

-Foxtrot3055d ago

For me the Oscars are what films can be the most "dramatic" and "shocking"

Like some films you see at the Oscars you know deep down were made with the Oscars in "My film will get an Oscar nod".

Soon as 12 Years a Slave was being made I was like "Right that's going to get an Oscar someway" because of the issues it tackles.

coolbeans3055d ago

It's interesting you'd bring that one up, considering how two Oscar voters put it on their ballot without having seen it yet.


And I still can't believe Jake Gyllenhaal didn't get a nomination for Nightcrawler.

WizzroSupreme3055d ago

Think of what you will about George Lucas – the man knows what he's talking about here.