'Suicide Squad' Movie: Who Is 'Deadshot'?


Now that the final roster of villains has been revealed, there’s a good chance even seasoned comic fans may have some questions. We’ve been arguing for some time that the Squad may be just what DC’s movie universe needs, but there’s no denying that the world-building nature of the movie means even the lesser-known cast members could re-appear once their freedom is earned.

To prepare fans for just such an event, we’ve previously outlined exactly why Jai Courtney’s ‘Boomerang’ is a character worth adapting. Next up: the better-known – but widely misunderstood – assassin, ‘Deadshot.’

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04roacht2080d ago

Who knew the Fresh Prince would turn out like this haha

-Foxtrot2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Who knew Deadshot would turn out like this :|

Plenty of black DC characters out there...

04roacht2080d ago

It's not really an issue in my eyes.