First The Fantastic Four Trailer To Play In Front Of Kingsman: The Secret Service


20th Century Fox has kept us waiting for a The Fantastic Four trailer, but we’re finally going to get a real first look at the film next month. While I assume some images and a poster may drop before the trailer, Latino Review reports that the teaser will be attached to Kingsman: The Secret Service, which opens on February 13th.

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04roacht2073d ago

Despite all the hate for the film I am excited to see some footage.

wheatley2073d ago

I'm the same, and it's about time we some of this film to judge for ourselves.

aDDicteD2071d ago

i am very curious to see this trailer more than other trailers for more popular films, this film is either going to suck so hard or it will be a very surprising hit, there are some potentials but there are also some very risky choices they made.