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TVF Elementary Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Seed Money

Change was in the air in Elementary Season 3 Episode 10 as all three of our intrepid detectives made some bold choices with their future. Another solid, but familiar, episode that was saved by the intrigue at the end of the show.

There is a certain comfort to procedurals, which some people love and others hate. I like procedurals, but it has felt as though Elementary has been in a bit of a rut. Hopefully, some of the changes will create a little sizzle and excitement.

Kitty got another chance to work a case alone. The daughter of one of her support group members was missing. We didn't spend much time with Kitty, but her deductions would have made Sherlock proud.

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alycakes2081d ago

I found this one to be very interesting and enjoyed the mystery of both who killed the man who was cloning the flower and about the girl that was missing. I can't wait to see next weeks too because of the serial killer that will be in NY next.