Top 7 Worst Movie Sequels Ever Made

Whenever a sequel of a good movie is announced, it make fans excited but sometimes these sequels fails hard upon release and disappoint their fans. Welcome to WtfOpinion, and today we are counting down our picks of top 7 worst movie sequels ever made. Making a good sequel is not an easy thing but they are almost guaranteed box office hit so they keep coming. Most of the times they are up to the mark and sometimes they are not.

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hammad4122074d ago

Man are u drunk ? srsly......Pirates of the

Amuro2074d ago

I'm surprised too. That is easily one of my fav movies.

Alxe2073d ago


faisalsheikh142074d ago

Hangover III was good, should not be on the list and others are surly worst sequels

aDDicteD2072d ago

this is wrong. out of the 7 films only speed 2 really deserves to be on the list.

the other 5 films were terrible ..absolutely but are they the worst , i do not think so, there are a lot more shittier sequels

and lastly, pirates of the carribbean: dead mans chest was a good film. not as good as the first but a solid sequel nevertheless.