Rumor Is 'Fantastic Four' "A Mess"...Far From It


Update: Screenwriter/Producer Simon Kinberg alerted us and sent me an update about the story going around that Fantastic Four is "a mess" and is reshooting in Louisiana for weeks.

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04roacht1649d ago

The site Flickering Myth interviewed Matthew Vaughn just a few days ago and said the film was good. The whole rumour of it reshooting because it is bad is a lie. They may be doing a few pick ups but that is not uncommon on any movie. After the film has been edited together they may want to make a scene look different or try different angles or mix up dialogue a bit. It is not because it is bad but because they want to try and polish things. It wont be another 6 months of reshooting. 6 weeks at best.

RetrospectRealm1649d ago

"Latino Review aren't that trustworthy." -04roacht

04roacht1648d ago

Turns out it was BS. So my statement was correct.

Hergula1647d ago

Latino Review is not trustworthy, they post rumors and gossip that have no backing, so I have to agree with 04 on this one.

darklordzor1648d ago

Reshoots on movies isn't uncommon. Hell Age of Ultron is doing reshoots RIGHT NOW, but the fact remains that just about everything we've heard regarding the film hasn't been good. I'm still hoping the final result blows us away (it's stupid to judge sight unseen), but the excitement level is low.

04roacht1648d ago

They have just done a good job keeping stuff a secret. People shouldn't be worried that we have seen very little.

SilentNegotiator1647d ago

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think they're purposefully trying to make expectations low so that it reviews better.