Justice League Throne of Atlantis Review [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: Most of us spend our lives trying to figure out our place in the world, especially some of us that can do miraculous things. In that your gifts can become a burden when you are not sure what to do with them or where they came from. For Arthur Curry, his whole world on the surface is going to get a bit damp and for good reason. A new hero is on the scene, but is he ready to bridge both worlds?

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KingPin2078d ago

this movie just showed how its possible to introduce a character in under 15 minutes. backstory and all. yet some people want DC to go the marvel path making full movies for each character.

SavageKuma2078d ago

Not go the Marvel route, because Marvel Animation movies is not as good as the DC ones, but I have said this to many movies live or animated that they are rushing through the story instead of giving us something to appreciate. The abridged versions kind of leave some of us expecting more. Take Batman Mask of the Phantasm. They did a great job of background story of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, the same can be said for the stand alone Wonder Woman movie they did and the Green Lantern Animated movie. So again why is that a bad thing?

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Ninte2078d ago

Lets hope the two years of waiting pays off

aDDicteD2071d ago

this was a decent animated movie, it's not as good as the other dc animated movies that they had made but still it was entertaining.