Fantastic Four Movie “A Mess”, Goes To Reshoot, Louisiana Sets Being Rebuilt?

BC: We get the word that people at Fox are not happy with the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank. While some have called it “Chronicle 2 rather than Fantastic 4″ , this is clearly not what the studio was looking for.

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04roacht1622d ago

Both Millar and Vaughn have said they are happy with what they have seen. If the studio doubts it now after they hired people to do the job they shouldn't have bothered making it.

Soldierone1621d ago

Calling it Chronicle 2 doesn't help at all. Just cancel this movie already! Every little snippet I've heard about it is absolutely terrible.....

wheatley1621d ago

The problem they have is that if they try and start again then Marvel could easily swoop in and take the rights back without much of a fight. They were too close to a deadline and are now trying to hype up Trank's version of the comic book, but anything I hear about the movie just doesn't sound good.

Of course people will say they are happy with it, they wouldn't say it's garbage before they try and give the opening weekend a chance. Just have to see what happens, and check out the teaser at the end of the month.

dota2champion1621d ago

That's a good thing for me, I really like Chronicle.

Deadpool6161621d ago

Trank maybe too green of a director. He didn't have much under his belt to prior to being chosen to direct a big film like Fantastic Four. A few episodes of a summer mini series and Chronicle. When Fox gave the greenlight to make Fantastic Four, it was similar to why Sony had to make The Amazing Spider-Man. The rights are worth millions and they want to keep them. I REALLY hope those rights go back to Marvel. Fantastic Four is kinda lame without the rest of the Marvel Universe to interact with them. I would pay good money to see Hulk vs Thing on the big screen...even though I know Thing would get his butt kicked. Heheheh...poor Ben Grim.

strangeaeon1621d ago

Actually Ben Grimm has put up a good fight for the Hulk, given his toughness from already being a street fighter. And I to want this movie to fail, FF was one of my favorites when I was a kid, and it needs to be connected with the rest of the MCU. They are pivotal with numerous cosmic characters like Annihilus, Blastar, Nova, Gladiator, etc, etc. Another character I would love to see is Rom:Spaceknight.

Deadpool6161620d ago

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and all the space adventure stuff, Fantastic Four needs to be mingling in that. But NooooOOOooo, we're just going to get a rebooted rehash with an even WORSE Doctor Doom! I just want Fox to give it up already. They're just wasting our time scraping the bottom of the barrel. Keep focusing on X-Men while Hugh Jackman is still young.