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15 Insane Shocks & Snubs From 2015 Oscar Nominations


The 2015 Academy Award nominations dropped earlier today, and as per usual, they’ve proven controversial with film buffs the world over, astounded at the dreck that somehow got nominated and appalled at the films that were somehow passed over by Oscar. Overall, the Academy weren’t particularly adventurous this year, nominating a lot of competent if hardly Oscar-worthy movies like The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything which nevertheless fit the Oscar mould perfectly.

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Hergula2073d ago

"Shock: Selma Only Nominated For Best Song…And Best Picture"

I wasn't shocked at all, as Selma is extremely over-hyped because of the political message. It is time to praise films for their quality, not year after year for their political impact. As a European, I watched the film without a bias, and felt like it was not nearly as good as people made it out to be, although an enjoyable film that was quite well created. In USA, it seems to be all about politics, and that's my perspective, as this film gets the praise it does largely for its message, and what it means to the history of the USA. It does hold a lot of emotion and heart, I'll give it that, but that shouldn't be enough to earn it Best Actor/Actress awards or Best Director nods. It deserves to be nominated for Best Song, hands down greatest this year inmo, and a nod for Best film it is worthy, but that's also where I draw the line and have to agree with the academy on this one, which I rarely do these day.