TVF Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Secrets and Lies

Oh, Stalker. What a thrilling episode to ring in the new year!

Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 found the team helping the mayor when it became apparent he had a stalker.

Let's speak about Perry first. I can't imagine anyone else in his role. Erik Stocklin is turning in excellent performance as the manipulative character week after week.

Was anyone else shocked he returned so soon? I was so sure they'd give the storyline a rest, but thankfully it reached new heights of craziness.

I think we all knew he was going to run off. There was no way he was going to accept Amanda's plea. Props to Janice for warming up Beth to the idea of letting Amanda help.

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alycakes2075d ago

This was creepy. The one person that can do you harm, Perry, is out on the streets again....I couldn't believe it. It was so easy for him to just walk away. Then the thing with the mayor and the weirdo doing the stalking in that situation was also crazy...

RetrospectRealm2074d ago

Yeah and the preview for next episode? Prison or psych ward break? How the hell could that happen?

alycakes2074d ago

Maybe it can't happen that easy but what is sad is that people like that actually exist.