TVF Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 11 Review: The Forever People

What a thought-provoking and intense Criminal Minds episode! As much as I was looking forward to seeing this one, I didn't expect it to be quite so aching and poignant.

While Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 11 gave us the case of frozen bodies found floating in a lake, the investigation served as a support for the two real stories:
1. JJ's emotional suffering because of her trauma suffered a year ago when she was brutally tortured
2. The examination of a cult.

The opening scenes in particular were riveting, as we got to see JJ in her raw element, lashing out at her demons through her sparring exercise. And again later, as we witnessed her trying to process her pain in the gym change room.

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alycakes2086d ago

This episode didn't just deal with the case at hand, it also dealt with the one when JJ got kidnaped and tortured. It was one of the best ones yet.