The Best of the Best Friends Season 7 Episodes

TVOM: "In case you did not already know (and I am not sure how you would not know with all the advertising devoted to it), Friends is finally on Netflix streaming for your viewing pleasure. Now you can relive such awesome moments like when Ross said Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily, the blind date with Mike that Joey set up for Phoebe, or when Chandler tried to find out what Monica was hiding from him in the locked closet. We at TV Overmind have been watching the classic sitcom for the last few weeks to help our readers pick out the top episodes for each of the glorious ten seasons. We are now up to season seven which was when Monica and Chandler got married, Rachel turned 30, and Ross and Joey took a nap together. Check out our three favorite episodes from the 2000-2001 television season. Season seven is by far my favorite of Friends. The writing was sharp and witty and the season was full of many great guest stars. It was hard to pick just three classic episodes, so if your...

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