Star Wars: 10 Spin-Off Movies That Need To Be Made


With the mind shattering news that Disney was going to be bringing Star Wars back to the big screen in 2015, geeks across the globe rejoiced. Finally, after 30 years, they were going to find out what their heroes from that galaxy far, far away, had been up to in those long, dark, Hayden Christensen infested years.

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WizzroSupreme2085d ago

I don't see Star Wars as the kind of series that could benefit from spin-offs as smartly as Marvel has, to be honest.

Star Wars is the American mythos of our time whose strength is in big, explosive epics every 2-3 years spaced out to increase the hype. Marvel's a superhero genre whose roots are in serialization. Star Wars is a series situated on its almost quasi-religious "it's coming" hype.
An annualized cycle wouldn't benefit Star Wars, especially if it diverted away from the Force connection and just got handed over to more and more obscure corners of the galaxy that didn't matter.

I like a bounty hunter heist movie as something smaller, like a VOD mini-series, but as a movie franchise in itself, it'd gradually dilute Star Wars and just turn into the stuff of Ocean's 11 in space and alienate the perfect marriage of the mystical/spaghetti Western that Star Wars has always been.