Ten Reasons To Be Excited For The Fantastic Four


The Fantastic Four. No film has received so much hatred, but today--- Today, I stand up for the film. I fight for the underdog, after the jump, are ten reasons why you and everyone you know should be excited for the latest Fox film, so hit the jump, and check it out!

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WizzroSupreme2085d ago

I have no reasons to be excited for Fantastic Four, to be honest. It's out this August and there's not even been one teaser for it despite filming having been wrapped up and beyond Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan, I'm not too keen – or even that aware of where they're going with this.

A blogger Doctor Doom? A moody, dumb Sue Storm? The Fantastic government experiments? No thanks.

RetrospectRealm2085d ago

It's only as of late that movies release footage over 6 months in advance. I believe SW: Revenge Of The Sith released it's first trailer like 6 months before the release.

Crazay2084d ago

I like Mike B but not as Johnny Storm. I hate that they messed around so much with the source material. I'm not holding onto much hope either.

Amuro2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

the only reason I'm interested on this movie it's because the human torch is a black guy now.

But why is everyone in this movie so young? Miles Teller for example still looks like a kid. Are they gonna portray Mr Fantastic as some geeky young dude or what? No wonder so many people are hating on this train wreck in slow-mo.