#XFiles2015: Gillian Anderson Wants 'The X-Files' To Return, Ignites A Movement Among Fans


Man, The X-Files. Such a great show.

Of course, we're only talking about the time period between Seasons 2 and 6. The other seasons had their moments (Season 8 in particular is criminally underrated), but the show's real heyday was this five-year stretch when The X-Files was TV's golden child — the rare geeky/sci-fi series that had massive viewership. There were millions of households around the world that never missed one of Mulder & Scully's adventures. Most of those viewers still hold the show close to their hearts.

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ajax172082d ago

This NEEDS to happen! A third movie would be epic, too!

-Foxtrot2081d ago

I really wish they got this out for 2012 when the invasion was supposed to happen

The second film should of lead up to the invasion while the third film would be trying to stop it.