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Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Deserves A Best Picture Oscar Nomination

CB: At the heart of the Oscars should be that they stand to recognize the best in filmmaking. However, at some point in time, Best Picture came to be defined as a movie which packs a powerful message, but is usually virtually ignored by the majority of filmgoers. With some few notable exceptions, popular movies do not win or even get nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. However, it didn’t always seem to be that way. Star Wars, Jaws, and Raiders of the Lost Ark all managed to garner Best Picture nominations, and it was even back when the Academy only nominated five pictures a year.

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RetrospectRealm2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Ever since Gunn said he drew inspiration from Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, people have been comparing this with those films now which I do not get.

Sure, Guardians was a GREAT movie, but it was not Star Wars or Raiders. Those are borderline perfect movies that you can make a very strong case for being in the top 10 best films of all time. This is not on that level and no one says that about Guardians.

It's a very different film which I did not think captured the magic those films had. Those films came out in a different time where things like that were not common at all.