Is Hank Pym a Villain in Marvel’s Ant-Man?

Flickering Myth

Right now this is purely speculation about whether or not Hank Pym is a villain. The obvious answer is that he won’t, and will act as the mentor to Scott Lang in the upcoming film and nothing more, but it would not surprise me if there’s a plot twist and Pym is actually a bad guy. I would be happy either way and I am sure the film will be a lot of fun however it turns out.

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RetrospectRealm2079d ago

"It was also reported back by Variety when Michael Douglas was first cast in Ant-Man that he would be playing the film’s villain. This was then changed on their report."

That quote pretty much sums up the speculation. You don't just make a mistake like that. Lol

04roacht2078d ago

I guess so. It could go either way tbh