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IGN Person of Interest: "Control-Alt-Delete" Review

Wow. A super-strong, satisfying, and surprising close-out to POI's Samaritan trilogy this week. It didn't wreck me emotionally like last week's powerful "If-Then-Else," but it provided us with an unexpected, and possibly needed, step back from Team Machine, who didn't even show up until halfway through the episode.

What we got with "Control-Alt-Delete" was a hard left turn - something this show happens to excel at. Of course, Season 2's "Relevance" easily springs to mind, as does - to an extent - Season 3's "RAM." So this episode, which spent more than half its time focused on Control herself (Camryn Manheim), worked well because not only did it give us another one of those great step back/catch a breath episodes, but it also extended the story out of New York and showed us some of the plots and schemes that Samaritan was hatching on a national level. Recruiting geniuses to work on secret pieces of code and then freakin' framing them as terrorists to be wiped out by an unquestioning Control and her team (featuring the return of Nick Tarabay as Grice).

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alycakes2076d ago

It was an awesome episode. I was very moved by their efforts to find Shaw. I can't believe how Samaritan is being used now or rather how Samaritan is functioning on it's own at times....weird with the kid and all.

I'm not sure if they will really kill Shaw off or just have her missing long enough for her to have her twins and stay home for awhile for her to have that bonding time with them before going back to work. She could come back next season if they would write the story that way but she may not want to work for a long time....who knows. I know I'm going to miss her character.