The Fates of Cap, Thor and Spidey


THIS WEEK: I've learned my lesson not to get excited on Twitter about things I'm in the process of reporting. But, I have the information I promised, because I promised.

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04roacht1966d ago

Latino Review aren't that trustworthy. They are reporting something that is likely but not confirmed. Not to say I wouldn't be happy if this was true I just find it hard to believe that Latino Review have the scoop.

Soldierone1965d ago

They've been pretty close lately. Even that absurd Aunt May rumor they started felt so far fetched and terrible, yet they went with it. Sony denied it and said they were false, then when they got hacked they dug up emails saying the idea was canned. So in reality they were right it was in talks.

(BTW wasn't me that disagreed with you)

04roacht1965d ago

I feel that they report rumours as the truth and sometimes it pays off. This one may be true. Spider-Man will likely appear in Civil War and we know that. LR are saying that they know its a fact when its not a fact yet.

People are free to disagree I just wish they would say why.

RetrospectRealm1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

That's why it's called a rumor. Lol Not to mention Latino Review were the ones to break the news that Heath Ledger was playing Joker back in the day.

I find it annoying how some sites post news without sourcing or linking to the people they got the news from.

Soldierone1965d ago

Be warned, if they are at all right then this article is full of intense spoilers.

If you want to know what it talks about with spider-man,


Deal between Sony and Marvel/Disney IS done, and he will be in Avengers 3.

wheatley1965d ago

But why only Avengers 3 though? Surely production hasn't started yet on Civil War so they could use him. I kind of feel like they won't reveal casting since Spider-man reveals himself in civil war