7 Movie Sequels That we are Most Waiting For

Gamecriticism: Here is the list of 7 movie sequels that we are most waiting for. some of the really big sequels coming this year.

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Stupid2084d ago

Waiting for Terminator: Genisys

caseh2084d ago

Terminator films have completely lost the plot, this clip sums up what you can expect:

Blasphemy2083d ago

New one looks terrible, I wish they would have stuck with the salvation plot line.

alihkathia2084d ago

Cant wait for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

IamDragon2084d ago

Taken 2 was awesome. hope taken 3 will not disappoint us

Soldierone2084d ago

Divergant is the most overhyped movie I saw all year. I read the book before hand, it was kind of dull and really did feel like a hunger games knockoff that overcomplicated things. The movie took that and made it even more dull and dumbed down.....

I heard the second book is even worse...

Defectiv3_Detectiv32084d ago

World War Z 2. So they can get it right this time. The movie actually performed better than expected at the BO yet there is no word of a sequel as of yet. A bit odd methinks.

big_dom_part_22083d ago

That's because it was shit. And Brad Pitt can go fuck himself for buying the rights to the book and then not actually using anything from it. He destroyed what could have potentially been an amazing film.

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