7 Major Problems With Batman Returns


Last week presented an article on the ten worst performances in the seven Batman feature films we’ve been graced with since 1989. The discussions the article led to were pretty interesting, and one of the noticeable things that came up is that people clearly have a soft spot for the second of Tim Burton’s takes on the Batman Character – the 1992 blockbuster Batman Returns.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31623d ago

This IS the best Batman film, well, either this or Mask of the Phantasm. I love how deliciously twisted it is. Some of the gripes listed in the article I find to be rather minor and insignificant.

aDDicteD1620d ago

among the 7 listed problems, only 1 looks debatable and its just a minor issue.

batman smiled before killing the tough guy is a bad scene of course but the burton version was the earliest modern version during that time and all other batman films or cartoons that followed imitated the serious tone burton did one significant change is that now batman does not kill which applies now but during that time it was not yet an issue.