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10 Most Anticipated Film Of 2015, You Shouldn’t Miss

Counting down the 10 biggest and most anticipated movies coming out in 2015! Many of the returning franchises to new projects that offer the possibility of something fresh and new. Here are our most anticipated films of 2015.

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faisalsheikh142081d ago

this inside out looks cool and cute...

hammad4122081d ago

waiting for Legend and Ant man....

saadd202081d ago

Star Wars is my movie of 2015

Alxe2081d ago

im waiting most of them....

1Victor2081d ago

What I'm waiting for is for article "writers" to stop doing a 10/whatever and having us waddle through 5 to 10 pages of 1 or 2 paragraphs per page. 👎 👎

Defectiv3_Detectiv32081d ago

How exactly do they always settle on the number 10 as the predetermined number of points an article must make? Why not 9? 11? It just goes to show you how poorly conceived these articles are. I feel like I need to take a shower after visiting that website.

I will say Legend sounds interesting, I like Brian Heglend's other work like Payback.

Soldierone2081d ago

I agree.

I don't mind top 10 or whatever articles, they are easy to do and to read. It's the 1 per page thing that I absolutely hate....

If you separate things by page then put more than a paragraph on each one....

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