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Directing duo Michael and Peter Spierig once again work with Ethan Hawke to cast an unconventional light on a well worn genre. Whereas the Spierig brother’s previous film Daybreakers took the vampire movie into a unique direction and setting, Predestination is a time traveling film that eschews the all-out-action of Terminator and the talky, ponderous grain of Primer. The result is a film that lands in a comfortable place between an action film with time traveling components and a time traveling film that’s more a puzzle than it is a movie. The originality of Predestination’s approach to time travel is even more noteworthy when considering the fact that the film is an adaptation of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein’s short story “—All You Zombies—” which was first published in 1959.

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this one I am going to watch over the weekend. very interesting.