Here's the Original Futuristic Concept Art From 'Back to the Future Part II'

Newsweek: In the early hours of 2015, Tim Flattery was startled to see a film he’d worked on more than 25 years ago plastered all over social media.

Then he remembered: The future he had "designed"—the one that levitates and hoverboards to life in Back to the Future Part II—had arrived. “I totally forgot that it took place in 2015,” Flattery said, “and once I started seeing all the stuff on the Internet about it, I went, ‘Oh yeah, of course!’”

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Stringerbell1617d ago

The auto chef look pretty neat, probably way too complicated to make a prop version though.

Soldierone1616d ago

I just think it's funny how things are supposed to be all round and look like a bubble in the future. Everything that's future does that.

Oh and everything will need a clear coat to be shiny at all times haha

MrDead1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

So thats what the year 2015 will look like. I can't wait.

StarWarsFan1615d ago

There are some things they got right.