Guardians Of The Galaxy: Lee Pace Would Love To Return As Ronan The Accuser

IGN: Guardians of the Galaxy was an unequivocal hit and the number one domestic box office success of 2014. In the film, Lee Pace's turn as the villainous Ronan the Accuser reached its natural - and fairly definitive - end. This is Marvel, though, so who knows! Truly, anything is possible.

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Stringerbell2085d ago

Big fan of Lee Pace, especially in 'The Fall.'

ironfist922085d ago

He was destroyed by the infinity stone, who's to say he cant be reanimated by it.

Although Ronan was easily the weakest part of Guardians, a shame considering he was amazing as Thandruil.

And, if im not mistaken, Red Skull was also destroyed by, or transported, by the tesseract in the first Captain America film. Its possible he could return too.

SouthClaw2084d ago

He was definetly transported. Ronan was killed though. I did like him. Especially his "what are you DOING!"