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'The Interview' And Kirk Cameron Top Razzies Short List


Despite its early success, The Interview has not been received well by at least one organization, The Golden Raspberry Awards, a.k.a. The Razzies, which has released its "short list" of nominees. The Interview is listed in several categories including Worst Picture, Worst On-Screen Combo (James Franco and Seth Rogen) and Worst Actor (both James Franco and Seth Rogen). Voting for the Razzie Awards ends on January 10, with the nominations to be announced January 14, one day before The Academy Awards nominations are announced.

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-Foxtrot2355d ago

Really...the Interview

Worst Picture - Nope

Worst On Screen Combo - James and Set are a hilarious together

Worst Actor - Pretty decent actors to me's not that bad. It feels like it's on their because of how talked about it's become and they are hoping people will take more notice in these awards.

Soldierone2354d ago

Yeah, it's only there for marketing. It's probably cross promotion really, for the show and for the movie itself. Seth will probably joke about it at some point.

This Is The End was HORRIBLE, this wasn't too bad though.

WizzroSupreme2354d ago

I'm done with Franco and Rogen and I've been done with them since that fender bender called Pineapple Express. I will say this though: a billion dollars can't hide Age of Extinction from being THE worst picture, though.

sjaakiejj2354d ago

Why is transcendence on the list of worst picture, but divergent absent? Transcendence may not have been groundbreaking, and sure it had a bunch of plot holes, but the overal film was still enjoyable and at times unpredictable.

Divergent on the other hand was a far too obvious cash in on other teen films like Twilight and the Hunger Games, as well as a complete borefest to the point of making Transformers and Expendables 3 look like appealing films to watch.