Ten 90's Shows That Should Be on Netflix (but Currently Aren't)

Now that NBC's iconic 90's sitcom 'Friends' is available on Netflix the thirst for other television shows from the final decade of the last century is likely to grow.

Looking back, there are a number of shows for a wide range of audiences that really should be on the streaming media service.

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SouthClaw1920d ago

No 3rd rock from the sun?

steven83r1919d ago

3rd Rock is on Hulu all seasons.

SouthClaw1919d ago

No Hulu outside of US though.

Tuxmask551919d ago

Friends is already on Netflix.

Lord_Sloth1919d ago

I just searched and it didn't pop up.

Soldierone1919d ago

It was just added on New Years day (all 10 seasons). Perhaps it is region blocked for you?

SilentNegotiator1919d ago

They play Seinfeld several times every day on a couple of channels.

I'd prefer Netflix spend their budget on shows that TV has nearly forgotten (like some shows that they have on there now, like Malcolm in the Middle and Frasier).

WizzroSupreme1919d ago

Malcolm in the Middle is the bomb. So glad I can marathon that joy all over again.

ajax171919d ago

It's great that The X-Files is on Netflix, I just wish it was in HD. Only Germans who get the ZMAXX channel are lucky enough for HD X-Files

Deadpoolio1919d ago

Why would they waste money on a show that was barely on for 3 years?

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