10 Reasons The DC Cinematic Universe Could Beat Marvel's

WC: Currently, DC’s cinematic universe is without a doubt playing catch-up to Marvel. Man of Steel was a disappointing Superman reboot while Guardians of the Galaxy, a film based around characters that the majority of cinema-goers didn’t even recognise, was the highest grossing superhero film of 2014. The Dawn of Justice is barely breaking, while Marvel will be fighting fans away after Infinity War. DC are completely beaten, right?

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TFireheroF2294d ago

I think both of these universes are relly good and I'm watching both of them!

poseiden212294d ago

What makes you say the DCCU is really good? They've released one film with Man of Steel.

dota2champion2294d ago

The list of reasons why DC could beat Marvel made me lol. Especially the #1 reason lol, "Because I'm Batman" on a serious note, Marvel is winning and DC has lots of catching up to do.

Porcelain_Chicken2293d ago

Yeah the whole list seems like a joke.

But what is it with all of this "DC can beat Marvel" or "Marvel is winning" talk? Since when is this a race? Or a fight where only one can be good. Why can't we all just enjoy both universes as they come?

Amuro2294d ago

DC can hardly choose a decent cast to portray their comic book heroes, so I doubt they'll be able to build anything meaningful, especially with a terrible director like Zack Snyder at the helm.

Kurylo3d2294d ago

didnt christian bale him self say something along the lines of he saw himself as batman and felt weird about ben affleck playing it.. until he saw the script for this new movie.. and laughed at it .. and said go for it ben lol... good luck to ya.

Porcelain_Chicken2294d ago

No, pretty sure he didn't. Bale said he was done after TDKR. He never returned to read the BvS script nor was he asked. He said it himself. The only thing he's said about Affleck is that he's jealous that Ben is Batman now. Pretty sure you pulled your story straight outta your head.

Kurylo3d2293d ago

No he actually really did say that in an interview. When they were interviewing him for another movie.. they asked about batman. And that was his response.. he told them that story.

Anthotis2294d ago

DC have some solid casting in guys like Henry Cavill, The Rock and Jared Leto.

Sadly, the bad outweighs the good, and will continue to do so as long as worthless turds like Goyer are being paid to ruin comics and comicbook adaptions.

SilentNegotiator2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I'm not a fan of the newer stuff, but the DC animated straight-to-DVDs were awesome; better than a lot of the DC AND Marvel feature films.

Ultimately, the heads at DC have no idea what made their classic characters great and both the comics and movies have suffered for it.

Like Superman; his character is interesting because his powers grow as time goes along, he has to struggle with making decisions and dealing with how people (especially Luthor) react to his presence, all while keeping to a strict moral code.
What do they do in the new 52 comics (specifically Action comics)? Give him ridiculous powers from basically the start, like reading 'all of the medical books in 5 minutes' and performing an operation himself immediately after. And the story is absolutely all over the place.
The movies? They give him no personality, make him break an ideal that should have been taught to him by his adopted parents, and have him punch the bad guys and their machine really hard.

DCAU's writers had a better idea of what made Superman great than 90% of people that have written Superman.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32294d ago

Yeah, I tend to have the same problem with Supes. He's always portrayed as so powerful that the only interesting conflict you can come up with is some sort of internal struggle. I can't blame Snyder for going in the direction he did, focusing on the implications that a god-like being such as Superman would have on the world.

But that's just it - he doesn't exactly make a strong case for superman. Sure, Supes can help save us from the latest natural disaster or oil rig explosion, but a lot of the external conflict is brought on by his own doing. Wouldn't the world be better off without Superman if that meant we didn't face Zod and the rest of the Kryptonian flunkies trying to wipe out the human race?

gangsta_red2294d ago

The New 52 Superman is all over the place and the way they handled him is like a throw back from 90's era Image comics. Very disappointed with that.

I like Superman just for the simple fact he is all powerful and he should fight villains that no one else could match. I hate that writers have to de-power him in order to make a decent story. That to me is a cop out, the story should be Superman trying to be a normal human which he so desperately wants to be, all the while fighting God like villains.

The Flash is just as powerful and his power only grows and he has had some of the most interesting stories I've read. So when i see people and writers saying Superman is too powerful I just shake my head.

Superman has always been about punching, and even in the original Superman II, Superman actually killed Zod. I liked the new movie but I agree that more could have been done to establish Superman's character and personality. I was hoping that maybe in part II they could do that but now they are shoe horning in Batman vs Superman in order to compete with Marvel's expanded Movie universe.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32294d ago

Lest we forget, the MCU did have a rough go of it early on. The Incredible Hulk, Captain America The First Avenger, Thor. Had Iron Man not been such a success so early on who knows if we would have made it to an Avenger's film.

SouthClaw2294d ago

You watched the films right? They all turned profit. Hulk was a great film it was the least liked yes but it still was liked by a lot of fans. It was a huge step up from HULK. That turd was something everyone wishes they could forget.

I know a lot of people who prefer Capt over Iron Man.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I actually prefer the Marvel films that came out pre MCU, Ang Lee's Hulk is no exception. Little misguided but expertly crafted nonetheless. Raimi's Spiderman, X2 and the original Blade. These films were all solid.

The MCU films just feel too calculated. They are products of Disney. At any rate, it's good to see that they are starting to think outside the box with movies like Gaurdians.

Kurylo3d2293d ago

Blade was perfection... dont know what they were thinking with blade 3... its like way to take the good in the first 2 movies.. and cast it aside and kill the best character... again.. lol.. and introduce a bunch of shitty boring as hell characters... and instead of realism.. lets give people laser cross bows... k... kiss my ass for making that movie.

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