10 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Series Is Dead


Once the king of ‘survival horror’, Resident Evil has descended into being nothing more than a poor copy of other, more successful action games, just with the Resi tag slapped on the cover. It’s sad to see this once-great franchise struggle the way it is, but perhaps it’s time for the series to ride off into the sunset.

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Spiewie 2334d ago

Hmm I thought it died years ago.

Soldierone2334d ago

I was thinking in terms of games, but in terms of movies it's always been "dead" to fans. Yet it still makes bank all the time somehow.

They need to make a legit creepy and cool movie. I felt apocalypse was going in the right direction with game cameo's, but it never dove into it that well at all. It could have been so awesome and it wasn't.

Stringerbell2334d ago

Was it ever alive (no pun intended)? I mean the first one was passable at best..

StarWarsFan2333d ago

Resident Evil just hasn't been able to improve itself with the times. Tough job to do in any case, especially in the time that has passed since the original.