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Horror Movies: Banned, Pulled and X-rated says "Many films are banned internationally, even among so-called ‘free countries’. The nanny state that governs the United Kingdom is infamous for sheltering its people from disturbing content. Even when not banning films, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) often insists that horror movies are heavily edited. "

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Spiewie 2163d ago

Some of these sound really messed up kinda glad that they got banned.

Gezmoyassine2162d ago

I find it weird that I Spit on your grave (1978)is banned or Xrated but the 2012-13 versions(anti-men)are not.(i haven't seen them and i don't plan too)

Dark_king2162d ago

there is a reason, the older one is much more graphic. In fact compared to the old one the girl in the new don't have much to complain about.An doesn't do near as good at killing them.Though I did enjoy a few of the revenge scenes in the new one to.