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BaTB Comic Podcast Ep. 17 - Sony's Spidey Fiasco and Best Comics of 2014

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another exciting episode of Baby and The Beard. As you have almost definitely heard by now, Sony is not having the best week. They were hacked and several e-mails were leaked, most of which involving plans and negotiations with Marvel Studios on just what the heck they’re going to do about Spider-Man. Matthew, Jaydon, and Dane are here this week to discuss that along with their favorite comics of 2014.

That’s not all we discuss this week, though. We are here to bring you all the latest in anything comics related and this week that includes an Arkham Knight prequel comic announced, a solicit dropped for the post-Spider-Verse story in Amazing Spider-Man, 13 DC titles are being cancelled in March, lots of news on the Arrow-Verse, and much much more.

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SwiffEpics2972d ago

Spider-man in the Marvel universe is what we need

TFireheroF2971d ago

I would say that we need a new superhero but whatever...