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The Adorable ‘Minions’ Arrive In New York City In First Clip

Hypable: The first clip from the upcoming Despicable Me spinoff Minions has been released and depicts the adorable little guys arriving in The Big Apple.

Minions is an origin story of sorts as it follows their life before Gru. In this clip we see three of the film’s lead yellow characters in dire conditions on a boat before they discover that they’ve made it to New York City.

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longcat2304d ago

Really surprised they got their own spinoff. So many of these movies get minion characters that never go anywhere. I though for sure that the green men in toy story would get theirs

RetrospectRealm2304d ago

The minions are incredibly interesting and lovable. They sell good toys too. Green army men in Toy Story? Uh, not the same. Lol

longcat2303d ago

Not the army men, the multi-eyed aliens

StarWarsFan2304d ago

This is going to be awesome. The Minions need a Christmas special.