10 Biggest Mistakes That Completely Ruined The Hobbit Trilogy


Back when An Unexpected Journey came out to mixed reviews, its defenders were keen to point out that it was merely the first in a three-part story and you couldn’t condemn The Hobbit until it was over. After all, people didn’t judge the whole The Lord Of The Rings trilogy on The Fellowship Of The Ring, did they? Well, yes they did – the first film was nominated for thirteen Oscars, including Best Picture – but humouring them people patiently waited to see how things transpired.

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Stringerbell2170d ago

Disagree with many of the points except maybe the overuse of CG on the villains.

coolbeans2170d ago

I personally enjoy this trilogy very much. But I didn't know that about the Director's Cut double dippings.

I would say that I fundamentally disagree with most of the choices. Stuff the absurdity of so many throwaway dwarves seemed to reflect that of The Hobbit book. It's cheeky comedy intended to have fun with keeping up with each one.

Stringerbell2170d ago

Yeah for instance with the barrel on the river scene, what works better for a film?

A bunch of dwarves floating leisurely on their way to Lake Town? Or a stylized set piece that was fast paced and fun?

There was way too much nitpicking in this article imho.

coolbeans2169d ago

Great example imo. That was one of my favorite parts of the series where they took such artistic license.