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Natalie Portman Says Star Wars Almost Ruined Her Acting Career


In 1997, Natalie Portman landed the coveted role of Padme Amidala in George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. The films cleaned up at the box office, however, they left her acting career in the toilet as many people in Hollywood weren't impressed with her performances. Luckily, the late, great director Mike Nichols ("The Birdcage") went to bat for her.

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RetrospectRealm2136d ago

Lolwut? Without Star Wars she'd be nothing. Lol

thorstein2135d ago

Although those movies were an abortion, if she weren't portrayed as such a heart-breakingly beautiful woman, she wouldn't have the career she has today.

Soldierone2136d ago

Is it bad that I thought her acting in those movies was actually better than some of her later performances? (Some, not all, some)

coolbeans2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I don't think so. She was inconsistent but delivered on certain scenes.

As for the article: considering her filmography at the time, I really think that's getting a bit stretched in the name of yet another thing to pin against the prequels.

longcat2135d ago

Those movies were terrible. She's better but not by much

TFireheroF2131d ago

Without Star Wars I wouldn't even know her, so she shouldn't be concerned about this.