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The 16 Biggest Things We Learned From The Sony Leak

8CN: Last month, hackers (possibly North Korean) leaked a metric crapton of documents, emails, and other internal information from Sony Pictures. The stated intent was to punish the studio for The Interview, an upcoming movie that has Seth Rogen and James Franco attempting to assassinate the leader of North Korea. Over the subsequent weeks, dozens of unannounced projects, movie ideas, and executive-level conversations emerged, and they're not just about Spider-Man (although there's plenty of that to go around).

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WizzroSupreme2174d ago

That Sony has no idea how to make movies anymore is probably at the top of that list.

-Foxtrot2174d ago

"9. Some high-level Sony execs are not happy with Andrew Garfield"

Wow...he sounds like a bit of a dick

He should be grateful he got a role like Spiderman in the first place.

longcat2172d ago

i like that Zorro crossover.

not sure about the 22 jumpstreet MIB crossover tho