10 Ways To Introduce Spider-Man To The Marvel Cinematic Universe


There is absolutely no doubt that the biggest and most popular ongoing comic book movie franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Other current franchises include the DC Cinematic Universe, the X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man, but the Marvel Studios saga tops them all in terms of popularity, financial success and sheer number of movies.

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04roacht2038d ago

I want a rebooted Spider-Man for the MCU. I thought Garfield was great but his version doesn't really match the MCU.

Porcelain_Chicken2038d ago

Can't they just reboot the series while keeping the cast from the TASM movies? Like Marvel is doing with Blade! I mean the TASM cast is spot-on. Garfield is a pretty great Spidey despite the mediocre scripts.

Plus I don't wanna see Pete getting bit by a spider and a third uncle Ben dying all over again. I love Spidey but I just can't sit through a third origin story that's trying super hard t not be like the other two.

Soldierone2038d ago

Seriously, I love Spider-Man but I honestly cannot take his origin story again....

Plus Andrew is the perfect Spider-Man. Edgy, yet soft as Peter. I don't see how he doesn't fit in the MCU, he just needs to adapt when in the group.

dota2champion2038d ago

Alternate universe and different time is just dumb. Shield monitoring spider-man for a long time is a good idea imo. And don't Sony have the rights to Spider-Man universe including all it's new characters in the comics?

-Foxtrot2038d ago

It just seems conflicted at the minute, there is huge con to each way they can go about this.

If they merge Garfield's Spiderman films then it wouldn't work as those versions just don't go with the overall Marvel universe that's been created. Then there wasn't any Marvel references in those films. Then you have the fact not many people like Garfield and the overall story changes.

If they add him now and make it so he's just been bitten after the Avengers and Age of Ultron then it's going to feel rushed, especially when Civil War is already being written. Then you have to force in development in such a short time. If Spiderman was there from the beginning then we would of felt that tension between him being torn between two sides and then watching him switch sides.

If they do a bit of both from the above points where it's a new Spiderman BUT he's been around for ages then it's going to be silly as the big question is where the hell was he during the Avengers and even Age of Ultron. The attack on New York during the Avengers is something Spiderman would NOT of missed out on, it's the city he defends...your "neighbourhood Spidey". Then you have people starting to believe in Superhero's for the first time.

It seems like they can't win either way, in my opinion they should keep this until Marvel reboots the Universe in the future as contracts are going to run out and stories will have been told.

Soldierone2038d ago

Honestly it's comic books. He will fit in just fine. Will there be flaws? Sure, but would you rather a few flaws here and there, or not having him at all?

Garfield is perfect for Spider-Man, and Webb already was creating the entire universe. Read the leaks, read the reports, read the teams disgruntled views. Webb has a universe in mind, impressed people, but the execs didn't want to gamble so they crumbled it.

Get Marvel to have some control, not all control, and let them tell Webb "have at it!" and bridge him in.

ironfist922037d ago

How is Marvel going to address the destruction of New York in Avengers, when Spider-Man lives in New York and doesnt show up ever?

PizzaSteve2037d ago

Different time frames I guess.

SilentNegotiator2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Spider-man was on vacation.

Actually, maybe they really should do that. Because if they have him bitten AFTER those events, Spider-man's story would probably be too rushed. Then they could have him like, overcoming a fear of leaving NY...I guess.

.....IDK, there's no easy answer to Spider-man getting stuffed into the MCU out of nowhere.

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